December 17, 2011


It's been a little quiet here, with a flurry of pre-Christmas activity, but I think it's about to slow way down soon and I can update you on what we've been up to. 
Remember our home-made Christmas last year? Well, we are continuing the tradition.  We are also continuing the tradition of getting everything to the mailbox late.  Uh, sorry family. 

We've also all been sick.  After the bout of pink eye we had last week, we had a few days of not sick and then more sick.  Ick.  Alejandro had it first.  Danny got it next.  Now I'm feeling crummy, but I think today's the worst day and I'll be on the mend soon.  Both boys are find now already, so I'm hoping I follow their pattern of getting over it quickly. 

Alright, off to finish...  what I was working on  ...and then I'll be back for a real post with pictures for you.  And maybe I'll even post something on Mi Cocina so you don't think I've been eating Whiskey Glazed Carrots since Thanksgiving. 

:)  Happy Saturday, guys!