December 29, 2012


One of my favorite days here in California was the day we spent with my sister Lisa and her husband Ray, flying kites. 

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I'm thankful for a great friend who will set up a photo shoot 
in her living room and take our family Christmas pictures!

I'm thankful for my lovely girlfriends who encourage me...

...and make me laugh so hard I pee. 

I'm thankful for a husband who seeks God with his whole heart and 
who loves me just perfectly...


...and makes me laugh until I snort.

I'm thankful for my little boy with his audacious imagination, 
his love for Jesus and his friends, and his precious desire to hang out with his Mama and Papa.

I'm thankful for his love for trucks, his superman doll, songs,
 and for how he sings, "Bob the Builder, Yes we can!!" 

...and reminds me we really can when we do it in Christ's strength. 

I'm thankful for a baby boy who does somersaults and karate in my womb 
and whose personality I have yet to know. 

And for how his personality will surely shape and form me...

...more in His image.

I'm thankful, and hopeful, for brotherly love.

And a house full up of boys.

I'm thankful for full days and tired nights.

I'm thankful for trials that produce perseverance, character and hope. 

I'm thankful for little daily gifts that God showers us with for no other reason 
than just because He adores his children. 

Like stubby arms wrapped around my neck. 

Like sitting together to read a book.

Like kisses on baby soft cheeks.

Like mischievous moments when you least expect them.

And awkward family photos that couldn't have possibly 
been staged on purpose, they are just THAT BAD. 

And then when you see them you laugh until you cry because it's so funny. 

I'm thankful.  Blessed.  Working hard at not taking a single iota of it for granted. 
More than aware that MANY of you are hurting because there are parts 
of your family that are incomplete.

And I'm hopefully praying for the day we will ALL celebrate in heaven with our 
ENTIRE family wrapped up in a big family bear hug with Jesus at the center.

Happy Birthday, Jesus! 
May we bless You today.