January 10, 2012

Just Checking In

I'm still here...  I've just been kind of surviving this prescription of a mild steroid that has got my brain fuzzy, my body clumsy and worn down and jittery all at the same time.  I've not posted because it's enough just to get through the day, but also because my creativity has been completely sapped by this thing and because my brain-to-mouth-filter-function is a little... well, absent.  And I might say something I regret.  Fortunately, it does seem to be working.  The negative symptoms are gone and I do have enough energy to work.

But I miss you all terribly and the creative writing process and posting photos and sharing life with you, so I do intend to come back as soon as I'm able.  Just stick with me.  :)  I've got a GREAT video from our Christmas morning, a Dear Danilo post in the making, pictures all the way back from Halloween (eek!), and some other creative ideas in the works involving letters to Compassion Children and a new blog header.

So happy Monday night! (Or is it Tuesday morning now, Rena?)

Love and Hugs,