January 6, 2012

Meet My Alter Ego

Renee:  So yesterday I saw my doctor.  I adore my doctor.  Blessed, sweet, Jesus-loving, fantastic man that he is, is fixing me.  Yesterday I walked into his exam room, equipped with McDonald's and trains so that Danny could play and eat roll around on the dirty floor while I lay helpless on the exam table to keep him away from germs.  I explained to Dr. Baiza (at Academy Women's Health Care on E. Woodmen Road - in case any of you need an exceptional doctor to serve and listen to you) my plight of exhaustion, itching, weeks of being sick, and total frustration.  He suggested a non-drowsy over-the-counter anti-histamine and said I'd probably just have to ride it out, with a look of sympathy.  Then he took a glance at the welts on my back from scratching and 30 seconds later he was prescribing me dexamethasone. (It's a mild steroid that acts as an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant but for those of you who like all the medical details, you can read here.)

Whether this is actually an allergic reaction, or some other virus manifesting itself in the most bizarre of ways, is yet to be seen. But either way, it's amazing how energizing it can be to be heard and cared for.  I've unfortunately found that to be hard to find among medical care these days. It's also amazing how much energy this drug is giving me.  I was warned.  I just never expected Rena to show up and inhabit my body this morning.  Meet my alter ego:

Rena: Hi!  Good morning!  I feel fantastic!  I hope all of you do too!!  Even though I slept four hours last night and was up with Danny three times, I've already had a quiet time with the Lord, got up with Danny, made breakfast for him, breakfast for me (scrambled egg on toast - Renee usually grabs cereal or toast), cleaned the kitchen, ran the dish washer, played downstairs, cleaned up downstairs, played upstairs, and blogged!  And it's not even 9a.m.

Renee: It's a little unreal.  I also feel no aches or pains or general muscle sluggishness that I usually feel in the morning, even when I'm well.  I really love my doctor.

Rena:  So today we are packing a lunch, meeting with four customers, making 30 phone calls, getting all the chores done, working out, going to church, and taking play-breaks throughout the day!  Yeah!  We can DO IT!!

Renee: Uh...  we MAY want to tone it down a bit, just in case my immune system and my brain can't quite keep up with your speed, Rena.

Rena:  Uh, really!?  Because I feel great!  I think I'm about ten years old.  I can actually keep up and keep ahead of Danny!

Renee: Yes, it really is fantastic.  But yes, we really are going to have to consciously tone it down before you send me into cardiac arrest, Rena.


Uh, Rena!

Rena: Uh huh?

Renee:  Why are you dancing at 8:45 in the morning?

Rena:  Uh...  I just felt like it.

Renee:  Right...  Have I mentioned to you that I love my doctor?  Did you know that in conversation yesterday (when's the last time you had a conversation with your doctor?), I learned that he puts no cap on the number of state-insured patients he receives?  Most doctors do.  It's a financial thing.  They get paid less from government insurance than they do from private insurance.  Yet Dr. Baiza welcomes one and all.  In his waiting room, you will find women from the nicest part of town, women from the middle part of town, and women who are homeless all sitting next next to each other.

Rena: Wow, that really IS exceptional!

Renee:  Yup.  He even serves prisoners.  Occasionally in the early morning (so as not to scare off the other patients) a woman will be escorted in in cuffs.  "We just take care of everyone," he said, "That's what we do.  I think God honors that."  Indeed He does.

This is the same doctor who helped care for Charmian and Jon's little boy, Pearce, when they found out he was terminally ill and they had been encouraged to abort since he wasn't going to live long past birth.  As a Christ-follower, Dr. Baiza was able to speak to them from a medical and a moral perspective.  God was truly honored that day.

So have I mentioned I love my doctor?

Rena:  So why don't you marry him, huh?

Renee:  Oh, shut up.

Alright, folks, it's time to get Danny, Rena, and myself into the shower and ready for our day.  This should be an interesting one!  Watch out, if you see us coming.  ;-)