January 16, 2012

On the Mend... I think.

I'm sick today.  Here's the saga...  In December we were all sick and after I'd had a sinus infection for a week and a half, I was prescribed an antibiotic amoxicillin.  Two days after finishing that dose, I began having an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin and headed back to my doctor.  He prescribed me a mild steroid called dexamethasone, which was supposed to act as an anti-inflamatory and an immunosuppressant to stop the allergic reaction.  It worked and it curbed my reaction to the amoxicillin, but my body started to react negatively to the dexamethasone.  Actually, the dexamethasone has made me sicker than ever, and even though I took my last dose of that on Friday, I'm still very sick. My body just does NOT like anything foreign in it.  Go figure.  

I am so thankful to my mom, who flew into town Saturday and has basically either been at my side or hung out with Danny so Alejandro can be at my side 24/7 until Thursday.  It's been a rough ride.  I ended up in the ER yesterday and have had the pleasure (not) of experiencing my first several anxiety attacks.  I'm really praying this thing clears out of my body and leaves me well in a hurry.  I would so appreciate your prayers, too. I'm not a very patient sicko.  

Actually, wait, let me back up for a second and clarify.  I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually very much at peace right now.  I understand that what is happening to my body are side effects of a drug and that nothing dangerous is happening to my body.  It's just painful and uncomfortable.  The anxiety attacks are a physiological reaction that my body is having. I'm also being very closely monitored by Alejandro and my mom to make sure everything stays in the realm of safe and manageable. 

I am, however pretty fuzzy-brained.  Composing this has taken most of the day.  But since I can do little else, we've spent today among the pleasant distractions of movies, laundry, organizing the spice cabinet, sleep, finally uploading this year's Christmas morning video, and chatting.  

And I'm excited to finally share with you 15 minutes from our December 25th!  It was SOOOOO fun!  I went ahead and just put it all together, unedited, because Danny's shouts of joy were just so great through the whole thing.  Plus, my Grandma will enjoy feeling like she was there with us. For those of you who find 15 minutes a little longer than you have to spare just now, skip down to the video below, and you can catch the three and a half best minutes, in which Danny tore open his train set. Man oh man, was that kid excited!! 

Alright, with that, I'm going to sign off, and head back to my place on the couch, and try to kick this thing.  I hope you all are enjoying a fantastic Monday off.  

With Love,

Christmas 2011
(full length):

Christmas 2011
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