February 20, 2012

Grandma's House

We’re staying at my Grandma’s house.

Danny’s asleep in his little bed made with cushions inside the closet. He thinks that’s fantastic. I do too.

I’m barefoot sitting out on the patio, because it’s warmer than 40 degrees outside and because Grandma keeps the heat at about 90 degrees inside and she’s hard of hearing so outside is the only place that’s quiet. But she’s 90 years old. So I’ll cut her some slack.

I sure hope that’s all the slack someone has to cut me when I’m 90 years old.

There’s a little green frog doorstop that keeps the door to the bedroom open. It’s the same little green frog that’s been there for 30 years (or more). Ever since I was five I wanted to play with it.

We’re sleeping in the bedroom where Grandpa wrapped his arms around Grandma about 55 years ago. Now Alejandro wraps his arms around me here. I remember when there was a double waterbed and a dresser with black and white pictures and sacred memories from decades long ago. Now Grandma sleeps in the room next door and Grandpa sleeps in heaven.

The TV’s on too loud.

Our black lab sleeps at our feet. There used to be a brown, black and white beagle that lived in this house. Flapper Girl was her name. She was a year older than me. Now there’s a stuffed brown, black and white dog that Danny likes to play with. He sits on it like a horse. It makes me laugh.

Alejandro put the paint on the outside of these walls last year. Last year I was at home in Colorado while he was here working and living for two and a half months. This year my sister’s getting married so we are here working and staying for two weeks.

There’s no Internet in this house. Well, now there is, thanks to my smart phone. Have I mentioned I love technology? It’s official. I would die without Internet. Poor me with my first world problems.

The linoleum in the kitchen has been there since as long as I can remember. There’s been a map of the United States on the wall over the kitchen table for as long as I can remember too. That’s how I learned U.S. geography.

Last night we had pizza at the octagonal dining room table. We used to eat ground beef patties at the same table. That’s hamburgers, for those of you who don’t know my grandmother. That was my favorite recipe of my Grandma’s. I think she still doesn’t believe I know how to cook. And she keeps taking us out to eat so it’s sort of hard to prove it to her. Not that I mind.

Today we went to the park. The same park we went to when I was a little girl. It’s shrunken since I remember. The swings used to be the tallest ones in town. Now that park is small small small! The walk to the park shrunk too. I used to be so tired after that walk.

There’s a tree in the backyard. My sister and I used to climb that tree. I think Danny might be a little small still to learn that. But not too small to try.

San Diego sun feels good on my feet. Ocean breeze feels cool on my face. Home feels good to my heart.