February 14, 2012


Hello there, blog.  And anyone else out there.

Is anyone still reading anymore??

I'll give you one guess as to why I fell off the face of the planet again.  (At least for the last week.)  Yup. Sick.  Again.  We all had the flu.

So here I sit with a chapped dry nose, a box of Kleenex that's almost empty, a dresser that looks more like an aisle at Walgreens, and a half-eaten chocolate bar that Alejandro left with a sweet note on my nightstand for me to wake up to.  That was the extent of our Valentine's Day, which is just fine with both of us, given the fact that last week we hosted my Mary Kay director (translation: business mentor) and had the flu and that in three days we're leaving to drive to San Diego and in two weeks my sister is getting married.


One thing it is NEVER around here, is dull.  

However, being a writer at heart, and being that one of my deep desires is to develop my writing more and to develop a blog readership (translation: community), it makes me sad that much is lost in terms of memories and reflection when I fail to write my life down.

So I've decided to try something new.  I've decided to write something every day, here on this blog, for the next 30 days.  This is to form a habit and to refine my voice, because I hate to be one of those people who just write until they say something.  I've always wanted to be someone who doesn't write until they have something to say.

Considering what we have planned, in the next 30 days, however, I should have plenty to write about!

So I guess, I'll be back... tomorrow!  ;)