March 2, 2012

Congratulations Lisa and Ray!

Jeanne (my stepmom) and Warren (my dad)

In a tux.  Eating spaghetti.  Yeah!

Danny was the ring-bearer.  He walked down the aisle, 
handed the ring to the best man and the best man gave him a train!
Danny LOVED it!
(And so did his parents!)

The bridal party wore top-hats.

Adriana, the groom's niece, was one of two flower girls.

Shaun (my stepdad) and Kathy (my mom)

Karen and Steve (childhood friend of my dad's)

Charlene (my grandmother's caretaker)

Troy and Veronica (bride's maid)

Father of the Bride's Toast

Mother of the Groom's Toast

Father of the Groom's Toast

They tore up that first dance!

While they danced...

...Danny flirted with the flower girl behind the corner!

Yay first dance!!

Charlene (my grandma's caretaker) (gettin' her groove on) and Kate (my grandma)

The flower girls and Danny bustin' a move!

She danced for him...

...before he took off the garter...

...and tossed it!

The par-tay: