March 12, 2012

Saturday Mornings

In December, I used some Christmas money to buy a remote shutter release for my camera.  Yesterday I finally pulled it out and used it in my favorite light-spot in the house - Danny's room.  (And if the fact that it took me three months to pull the darn thing out and try it tells you anything about the craziness of the last three months, well, there you have it.)  

Danny understood what it was immediately and confiscated the remote.

Just ignore the fact that we are in pajamas, I have not a stitch of makeup on, 
I'm wearing my husband's old t-shirt (which I slept in), and I have bedhead.   

This is what Saturday mornings exist for, people.  

And someday I'm going to want to remember them exactly the way we all looked in them.

That kid is a kisser.  His future wife is gonna' love it.  In about 30 years.

This is my most favorite of them all.

I spared you the shot of Alejandro mooning the camera behind us.