January 12, 2012

Two and a Half

Dear Danilo,

You have taken to calling me Babe.  That's where I draw the line, child.  I'm Mama.  I can handle Mommy for sure and Mom, although it makes me feel like the mom of a teenager.  But Babe?  That's where I draw the line.

You walk down the stairs all on your own, standing up now, although you still often ask to be carried downstairs.  I oblige, since there are fewer and fewer times you want to be carried.

You had a short phase of doing somersaults, which I'm thankful has passed.  It sort of made me nervous.

You talk in full sentences now, often with description, expression, and complete expectation of compliance on our part.  You are getting rather articulate, I think.  You understand almost everything we say, English and Spanish, although there are times you pretend you don't.

On November 22nd, you said your first prayer, on your own, with no help.  You said, "Dios gracias por mi Toby Mama."  Oh, just eat my heart out!  I love it!!

You repeat, "Te amo" on command, but have yet to say it on your own volition.

Bedtimes are a challenge these days.  You are so much like me.  It's ridiculous.  You like things a particular way, and it takes a while for you to settle down.  Even longer if something is out of place, such as a blanket, a light, a cup, a stuffed friend, or if you have on the wrong pair of pajamas.  So I've learned to take the extra ten minutes it takes to make things just right for you so you won't get up fifteen billion times. It's hit or miss, but it usually helps.

One of your favorite games is Coballa. This is your pronunciation of caballo.  It's the classic game of horsy, involving all sorts of yee-haws and climbing on Papa's back.  It's the most fantastic thing to watch ever.  Occasionally you and Papa convince me to join in, and you and I (amazingly) sit on Papa's back while he crawls around the floor.  It usually ends in a fit of laughter.

Your favorite movies right now are Cars and Polar Express.  You have watched both about a half a dozen times.

I'm really sick this month.  So this is short.  But these are fun things you are doing at two-and-a-half.