March 9, 2012

A Wedding Shower

While in San Diego, I got to throw my sister a wedding shower.

My sister's a motion picture major (that's movie director in layman's terms)
 and major movie buff, so our theme was the Princess Bride.

If you haven't seen the movie, you're missin' out.  
Just sayin'.  

I made the invitation and all the decorations.

And none of the food.

Aren't those the sweetest cupcakes you've ever seen in your life?!

(Those are chocolate covered raisins.)

The mother of the groom made home-made Mexican tacos.  
Oh yumm.

The movie played in the background, while the paparazzi did their thing.

My husband was the margarita man for the evening.

After presents, I read her reactions to the gifts, as though they 
were what she'd say to her new husband on their wedding night.  

What's a wedding shower without a little embarrassment?

Our final gift to Lisa was a book made from a deck of cards of the 52 reasons we love her.

And then a couple girls stayed late and we did facials 
and makeovers to practice for the wedding!
Soooooooooo fun!!!

Best of all?  I got some great new girlfriends out of the whole evening!

Proper credit:  Ideas for games, invitations, name tags, and 52 Reasons gift came from Pinterest. :)  Gotta' love Pinterest.