April 14, 2012

In Which I Shopped For A Bathing Suit For The First Time In Almost Ten Years

Yesterday, we decided to go swimming, which meant that this morning, just before heading to the pool, I survived my first post-baby bathing suit shopping trip.

Yes, I realize Danny's almost three and I'm just getting around to it. Hush.

Another mom of two in the dressing room was probably the most pivotal in helping me get over the shock of the sizes and styles I was choosing. The last bathing suit I bought was for my honeymoon and it was so tiny I wondered how that little bit of fabric could possibly cost $50. Then we moved, bought a house in a land-locked state 1200 miles west and 6000 feet up from the ocean I grew up going to, and we had Danny. Anyway, all she said was that having babies ruins bathing-suit-shopping for good and then she laughed and then she said I looked great.

Oh, I could have kissed her.

All in all, the trip took under an hour, even WITH my husband and son with me, and I found a suit that makes me feel like a million bucks, for only 30 bucks.

In my humble opinion, THAT is nothing short of miraculous.