April 28, 2012


It's been so long since I've written that now I have writer's block.  Or maybe it's writer's constipation. Either way, it's always hard to come back to writing after not writing for so long.  This hiatus was definitely not intentional, but not for any negative reasons either.  Actually it was the result of a really great thing... a promotion in my business!  I've entered and completed the first month of a program called Director-In-Qualification in Mary Kay.  I'm on a pretty steep learning curve, and therefore, haven't done much blogging, or much of anything besides being a mom and being a Mary Kay Director in Training for the last month.  But I know things will come back around and round out in balance again once I get the hang of this thing.

I did my nails for the first time in weeks today.  Therefore I can't type without hitting a wrong key every third word.  Between that and the writer's constipation, I'm not doin' so hot on this whole writing endeavor tonight.

Danny is in a whole new stage of words, antics and just boy-ness in general.  I REALLY need to write a Dear Danilo post.  Man I love that kid.

My husband is out of town tonight for work.  He's spending the night an hour and a half north of us.  I miss him.  Our bed is not as warm.  And chatting on facebook with him is not helping any.  At least with the cold bed problem.  It's definitely wonderful in many other ways.

My eyes are drooping and I'm exhausted.  In a very good way.

My heart is hurting and I'm at a loss for wisdom or words for two very good friends who are in a monumentally unfair place in life.  I ache for them.  In a very bad way.

And with that - and because this is the first time back in two weeks and I have zero creative ability to transition well into the end of this post - I'll say goodnight.