July 13, 2012

First Camping Trip

My mother-in-law had never been camping before.  So naturally, 48 hours after landing in a foreign country, on five hours notice, regardless of forecasted rain and the fact that because we left so late, we'd be setting up in the dark...  Naturally we packed us all up and took her on her first camping trip!  

She was a champ and loved every minute of it! Even though it rained and thunder stormed half the time. ...Of course, it was a lot more fun once the sun rose and we could all eat breakfast.  

Danny in his Thomas the Train pajamas

McGyver My husband in his kitchen

Yes, Fanny's smile always envelopes her whole person.  I love that about her.

coffee in the morning

The favorite game was seeing how deep we could bury the ball 
so Toby would find it. At one point, his whole head was inside!

a blessed sleep-in

our camp site

proof I was there

I've been trying to capture this image forever!  
Dirty, playing, half-laughing, totally content, all boy, full of love and joy.  
This is my Danny-Boy:

There was of course, the obligatory hour of off-roading.  Fanny decided to watch from outside of the Jeep. 

At the top:

Danny and Tita

And there was, of course, the obligatory photography sessions. The mountains are one of my favorite places to take pictures.  I stole the idea for this shot from a new friend of mine - Thanks Ashley!!  She has a shot that's similar.  Focus on yourself in the center of the rear view mirror, then doctor it up with lots of effects and there you have it!  

That was Fanny's first camping trip!