August 28, 2012

I Done Gone and Done It

I opened the package of chocolate chips in the refrigerator.  This is not good, people.  I love stuffing handfuls of shredded mozzarella cheese into my mouth.  It makes me want to cry when avocados go bad.  They are so dang expensive and when they go bad it's so much yumminess in the trash.  Pioneer Woman is my hero. She makes money at two things I love:  photography and food.  I mean really.  Life must be rough for her. I'm a total heat wimp and now that I've been in the air conditioned house for 3 whole hours I'm ready for hot chocolate.  And is Fall her yet already?  Because I'm ready for peppermint chocolate coffee and chai tea lattes and my snow boots and sweaters.  Mozzarella cheese quesadillas are better than regular ones (with cheddar). Salmon is the only healthy thing I can think of that I'd eat in mass quantities right now.  Milk straight out of the carton tastes better than in a glass.  Unless oreo cookies are involved.  Now, where's that bag of chocolate chips gone off to?