September 16, 2012

Sunday Morning Conversation

Mommy, can I play with this?

No, we don't play with the battery charger.

I wanna play with the badger charger!

No, it's not to play with.  Put it away.

I wanna fix the batties.

Honey, there aren't even any batteries there to fix.


Uncontrollable giggling on my part at the ridiculousness of the conversation.

Uncontrollable giggling on his part for my reaction.

Mommy I wanna watch Mickey Mousey.  Pleeeeeeease!!!! (in the highest pitch voice, that makes him sound like a mouse.

Oh, alright, come here.

Five minutes later when my husband came home and Danny was watching Mickey Mouse on YouTube:  Papa, you came home?

Yeah, Bubba, I'm back.

Oh.  That's greeeeeeeaaaaaaaat!  (In the cheesiest 3 year old voice you ever have heard.

And I lost it in a fit of laugher once again.