October 31, 2012

13 weeks

I now understand why younger siblings seem to exit the womb ready to take revenge on their brand new brother or sister.  Danny has been determined to squish, bounce on, and generally beat up Baby #2 ever since the beginning Baby's existence on this planet.  Holy moley! I guess big brother initiation starts early.

A few mornings ago, Danny crawled into bed with us, as is his morning routine.  He proceeded to lay the fullness of his body right on top of my abdomen and ask me to rub his back.  I obliged, but it didn't last long, because Baby gave a swift kick after a moment, as if to say, "Hey! Get offa me!!"

So yes... I'm feeling tiny kicks and flutters every now and then. I think I felt the first one last Thursday evening.

My weight hasn't increased but 2 or 3 pounds, but where all the weight is on my body certainly has shifted significantly.

At around 11 weeks, I started to regain some energy and I could actually make it through the afternoon without falling asleep.  I've had a couple other minor normal pregnancy symptoms, which I'm sure you all don't want the details on, but those have gone away as well.  Now I'm just trying to get well, because I've been sick with a virus for the last week and a half.  It's really knockin' me flat and I've definitely reached the point of annoyed and impatient.

Aside from that, things are great and according to Danny, "Baby's growing and growing and growing!!"  And I sure am dying to find out if it's a baby girl or a baby boy!  

Dontcha' love bathroom mirror, the dog's water bowl and the cell phone pic quality!?  

"Hey Danny! Where's Baby?"

"Can you give Baby a kiss!?"

Note to self:  Next time grab the real camera.