October 17, 2012

Laundry, Dishes & My Vote for President

My political involvement the past several years has been found wanting.  This is not a fact I am proud of.  I just really struggle to keep current on all the issues.  I mean it's hard enough to keep up with the current issues in my own household.  On top of the laundry, the dishes, the groceries, the preschool calendar - do you have any idea how involved three year olds are these days!? - my business, my husband's business, and - oh yeah - the human I'm currently growing inside of me, the political agenda of a nation seems just a teensie bit overwhelming to keep up with.

Can any of you relate?

As soon as I find a political site that publishes no more than one post per day (because honestly, that's all I have energy for) and I find it to be conservative-minded and a fair representation of all parties, I'll let you know. But don't hold your breath.

That's why I was SO grateful to have found this little article - ok that's a lie, it's 3 pages long, but it's worth it.  Here's why I loved it.  It's the first political writer I've read who has managed to take its readers back to the biblical standard for a presidential candidate.  He cites scripture, and then compares the two candidates to the biblical standard.  He lists pros and cons  for each candidate, and also reminds us of our higher duty as citizens of a republic.  I was inspired AND it was clarified for me who I want to vote for.  What I also like, is that the author was clear enough about each candidate's position on issues so that if you disagree with this author's political outlook, you still come away with a clear picture of who to vote for.  Now that's a good political review.

So enough gabbing from me... go read the article.  Even if you have to read it 5 minutes at a time between lunch, the 2nd load of laundry, and the kids' nap.  ;-)