November 7, 2012

14 Weeks

Beautiful Baby,

Well, I'm 14 1/2 weeks along with you and the fun is just beginning.  Just a week and a half ago I felt your little movements for the first time.  These days I'm feeling you almost every evening.  Does that mean you'll be a night owl?

Last night, you let Papa in on the fun and gave him a good kick as we were laying down watching a movie with his hand over you. The look we exchanged in the dim light was full of joy and his smile reached ear to ear.

Do you know how much in love with you your Mama and Papa already are?

When we first told your big brother about you, he said he wanted, "only a broder."  Now he says, "a baby sester."  I sure am curious to find out what you are!

Your brother liked to sit on my bladder.  You seem to enjoy shoving yourself into my ribs.  I can sit down just fine.  With your bother I was squatting like guy in the military from about 20 weeks on.  Forget crossing my legs.  With you, I can sit just fine, but I imagine breathing might be interesting come the 3rd trimester.

Well, sweet one, there's not much to say yet.  But there will be lots more later.  In the mean time, you just keep on growing and we'll meet you soon enough.

Love and a tender tummy rub,