November 2, 2012

Colorado Springs Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, my family came into town and we took a trip to the Colorado Springs Zoo.  We had loads of fun, and I took lots of pictures.  And as you'll see... It was mainly a day all about Grandparents and kiddos!  :)  

Grandpa Shaun and Aunt Kiarri took Danny and his cousin Kaila on the ferris wheel.  Danny had NO IDEA what he was in for.  

Notice the smile?  Notice also the death grip he's got on the pole?

It took him a minute to get over the fright of the fact that it moves and it's noisy, but he did certainly enjoy himself!

I think Grandpa Shaun had fun too.  ;) 

Here's a fun game:  Let's chase the peacock!

There were horse-rides, which Danny opted out of.

Kaila opted in.

She loved it!

This is her cheesy smile, which cracks us all up!

Grammy and baby Zoey.

There was a cave that the kids spent approximately 20 minutes running in and out of.


Oh, there were animals there too.  ;-)

The Burns men and their girls!

The whole gang (with all the adults looking).  

The whole gang (with all the kids looking).  

Our little growing family:

Feeding giraffes:  Danny was so brave!