December 14, 2012

20 Weeks

We walked into the ultrasound appointment all full of nervous excitement.  I mean, we had WAY more energy than we usually have at 8 a.m.  

"So, do you want to know the gender?" cheerfully asked the ultrasound tech?  

"Yes, yes! We can't wait!"  Uh, that's why we're here, lady. 

"Okay well, here we go..." and she smeared jelly on me and pressed the ultrasound sensor to my abdomen and.... 

BAM!  This is exactly what we immediately saw.  (Minus the ultrasound tech's helpful totally unnecessary note, of course.) No lie.  

"Here I am, Mom!  I'm a boy!!!"  

We laughed like crazy and hugged and were not the tiniest bit surprised.  

And then, of course, we got tons of other great pictures of our little boy.  

How cute are those feet!? 


He's rubbing his face. 


And some 3D images...

We have another boy!! Brothers!! Yay!!!