February 10, 2013

Danny's First Train Ride

Each and every time we've driven down the freeway on the way to Jazzercise for the past 6 weeks, Danny looks for the "red train" (the San Diego Trolley) and announces to me when he's found it.  And given his total fascination with trains in general, and the fact that he's never actually ridden one, Grandpa Shaun had a brilliant idea.  He suggested we all hop on the trolley for a morning and ride it until we felt like getting off to have lunch, and then ride it home.  

I'm not sure who's more excited in this picture - Grammy or Danny.  

We walked up to the trolley station and in pulled the Red Train.   

Much to the delight of my little boy. 

But first, the tickets had to be purchased and handed out. 

Soon enough, another one rounded the corner. 

And safely gripping Grandpa's hand, we all climbed aboard.

Ready to go?!  "Ding ding!" went the train. 

"Here we go!!" said Danny.

The fantastic thing about the Red Train is how often it stops and goes again.  

That is, of course, the most exciting part for a three year old. 

That and watching the tracks zoom past you as you fly down the track.  

Oh, and imagining that Thomas and Percy are connected to the car behind you. 

There were San Diego sights.  I enjoyed seeing many of San Diego's familiar places 
from a completely different angle.  It was my first ride on the trolley too. 

Our kiddo loved every bit of it.

Except getting off.  He wasn't quite as excited about that part, 
but he cooperated when we explained that next was lunch. 

My husband's funky expression is because he's squinting in 
the sun, but I just love this candid shot of the two of them. 

Lunch was at Phil's Barbeque.

We added babyback ribs to the list of firsts for the day, and Danny 
cleaned off every small shred of meat from that bone.  He loved it. 

And then back to the trolley we went.

Down the tracks and home for a well-deserved nap taken by all. 

A video: