March 1, 2013

Now THAT's Better!

It's uncanny how I take a whole week to decide to share a bummer of a situation and ask for prayer, and less than 48 hours later, prayers are answered and I'm feeling so much better.

Where 2 or 3 are gathered, right!?

I'm not up to 100% yet - I expect that probably won't happen for another 9 weeks.  But I'm WAY better this morning than I was on Monday.

This morning, I made it through an entire jazzercise workout and I'm not dying a painful and slow death here in the easy chair!  Ok, I did a whole workout with the exception of one routine that's particularly tough when your center of balance is off.  Oh and the trips to the bathroom to pee.  And the contraction. But other than that!  And of course, I AM modifying all my workouts so they are entirely low impact.

So, if you didn't know, I'm an annoyingly huge fan of Jazzercise.  If you are my Facebook friend, you already know this.  It's the only thing I've found (as an adult) that gives me a complete workout, that I don't get bored with, and that I have enough fun doing that I forget that I'm sweaty.  That's pretty much a prerequisite for a workout for me now.  If it's not fun enough to make me forget I am sweating, I'm probably not gonna do it.

I started Jazzercise when Danny was around 6 months old, and it helped me shed those last 10 or 15 stubborn baby pounds.  Now, I'm the 7-months-pregnant lady they all marvel at and think it's amazing I can still do aerobic dance for an hour. (Actually there are three of us at the center who are pregnant. If you come visit for free weekends in March, you may not want to drink the water.)

Honestly, people, it's only because I never stopped.

I started Jazzercise, because I needed to get in shape and lose pounds and it was so stinking fun.  I kept doing jazzercise when I got pregnant with Baby #2 because it was still fun, I was committed to a certain schedule - oh and I work at the front desk, so I HAVE to be there, and that's entirely on purpose.

And why am I STILL doing Jazzercise now?  Ok, confession:  10% because it's fun.  Because when you're contracting and peeing and sweating and you really just want to lie down, it's not always fun.  Let's just be real. It IS fun that I am wearing a size 6 pair of maternity jeans though.

But really?  90% of why I still do it is because as I'm in there moving with the thinnest of them, I am internally (and now, not-so-secretly) thinking, "Oh yeah? Well I'm working out while growing a human being and carrying a 20 pound basketball on my front. Beat that!"

Yep.  It's pretty much my pure unadulterated ultra-competitive spirit that keeps me going.  Now you know.  ;-) Will you still be my friend?