April 25, 2013

Dear Danilo,

Well, baby, it's almost time. You almost get to meet your baby brother, and you are awfully excited about it! Though I still call you baby, you are far from it! You are getting pretty close to your 4th birthday, and you show perception, maturity, self control...

- ok, except when you're being goofy - 

...wisdom and perseverance each day. It's pretty amazing getting to do life with you.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the past few months:

2/9 You took your first train ride on ”the red train” (the San Diego trolley) with Grammy and Grandpa Shaun.That same day, you brought your Grandpa Shaun a package of cookies and said, ”One for you, one for me!”

One of my favorite things is when you say, ”I got a 'dea.” Then you launch a two-minute monologue presenting the various advantages and innovations of your idea and you finish it off with, ”Tha's a good 'dea!” I giggle and nod and then you say, ”Let's do it!!”

You reached up and got down your backpack from the hanging pegs in your room by yourself.  "When did you get tall enough to reach that by yourself?!" I said. "You grew up!"
"Yep! I grewed up," you said.

2/27 You said, "I want mocha cheese fer lunch." (mac n cheese)
Then you said, ”I could have a cheese apart, mom?”
”Cheese apart? What's that?”
Holding up pretend string cheese to demonstrate, ”You know, you hold up the cheese and you pull it apart and you and you eat it!”
”Oh cheese apart! Yes, you can.”

Your first morning's words were, ”Mama, this monster truck is for you to play with, and this one is for me to play with.” And then you drove trucks over pillows and blankets.

Later that day you spent half an hour working out how to make a bridge that would support pillows and your weight safely. You did it all by yourself!

3/8 The day before my birthday, Papa told you that the next day was going to be my birthday.  You were so excited!  You grabbed my head, pulled my ear to your lips and whispered, "We're gonna birthday cake and candles and surprise present and it's gonna wrapped and it's a superman for Danny!  And it's blue and pretty!!"

Your new favorite phrase is "VERY COOL!!!"  Whenever you are excited about anything, this is your exclamation.  When Papa installed the shark shower head in your bathroom, you ran around and yelled, "VERY COOL VERY COOL!!" about 15 times!

I volunteered in your classroom for picture day.  It was so fun to watch you play and learn among the other kids.  You generally follow directions, and let's transfer that stellar skill of cleaning up to our house too, okay?

My favorite moment of the day? You spelled your name to me:

Danny - "B"
Me - "Capital D."
Danny - "Capital D...." (Looking at the A.)
Me - "A"
Danny - "A. N. N. Y!!"
Me - "You did it!!  That's awesome!"

3/15 For the first time we had a conversation about what makes Jesus' heart happy and sad, but how not everybody knows Jesus, and may not always do what makes Jesus' heart happy. We talked about how you can show them. I almost cried.

3/17 ”Mom, I want my baby brother to come out.”
”Me too, buddy. Buddy I don't think he's ready yet.”
”I know! I'll put this (the baby bouncer chair) right here (next to me) and he will jump out!”

3/19 ”Ogurt is my best food, Mom.” (talking about yogurt.)

4/15 You sang: ”We love brothers, all daaaaay! We doooooo!” Oh, eat my heart out!

You get dressed all by yourself now. You pick your clothes with coaching. ”Go pick some pants. Now go pick a shirt.” And then you put them on by yourself, including underwear, socks, shirt, pants and shoes.

It's official! Your napping days are over. Mine are not! But yours are. Instead, most days, we enjoy quiet book time and an afternoon video. This has made bedtime MUCH, more smooth lately, so I guess that means you were ready!

Of course, quiet is a relative term.  :)  Your songs and stories are so precious to me.

You wanted juice, so I asked you to get it out of the refrigerator. It's a big container, and it only barely fits wedged under the shelf above it. As you struggled to get it out, you quoted your favorite book about a little train that pulls dolls and toys over a mountain for another train that broke down. As you pulled on the juice container, you said, ”I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!”

About a week ago, we switched you to a twin bed, so that Baby Brother can have the crib/toddler bed. You got to pick your own comfortor set at Target and you LOVE sleeping in it.  You LOVE even more, that now your Papa and I can crawl in and cuddle with you.  We've already taken advantage of that more than once. ;)

Some of your favorite activities these days include building with Legos, playing with your wooden train set, shoveling snow around the back deck, cooking, anything involving trucks, playing with water, playing games on Grammy's iPad, watching Dinosaur Train and playing with friends.

You love to run, be barefoot and wear pajamas all afternoon.  You often say, "That's not my favorite," when you don't like something.  You rarely are excited about putting on your jacket, unless it involves going outside to shovel snow.

Grammy says you're quite the chatterbox. Instead of asking, "why?" you ask, "How you do that?"  When you say, "D'ya like ta swim?" (or play, or sit on the floor, etc) what you really mean is, "Would you like to swim with me right now?"

This week, several times you've spontaneously kissed my tummy and once you said, ”Baby brother's ready to pop out!” I agree, baby!  But he seems content to sit tight for a little while longer.

You are the spice of my life, baby.  I love you to pieces.