May 9, 2013

8 Days In The Life of Gianni

(warning... longest post ever! But LOTS of pictures. Enjoy!) 

Day 2, Sunday, April 28th:

You had 6 meals today, and they're all over the map as far as length and time in between each one.  Your bilirubin test came back a little on the high side, so we'll get you to your pediatrician as soon as possible to make sure it comes down.  Last night, our friend, Dianne, got to be our nurse, which was so fun!! She took super good care of us. Today we spent a little more time falling in love with you.

And today we came home from the hospital!  

You are teensie weensie and your car seat is gigantic.  

Our hospital room: 

The view from our hospital room - the helocipter pad! 

In the car:

Danny was at home with Grandpa and Grammy, waiting to welcome his little brother!

Welcome home, little one!

Day 3, Monday, April 29th:

Today you ate 7 times, about 3 hours apart.  You are one sleepy kiddo!!

Today was a very special day because 10 years ago today, your Papa came to the United States to court me, marry me and immigrate.  That's a pretty big deal, so we surprised him and went out to dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery with about 12 friends to celebrate with appetizers and desserts.  All those friends thought I was insane for going out 2 days after giving birth to you, but you and I were doing so well that I couldn't resist having the party anyway.  It was a blast and your Papa had the greatest expression when he saw all the friends who'd joined us!

In order to give me a break, Papa and Danny attempted to
 feed you a bottle today, but you weren't very excited about it.  

Later this evening, you got to meet your Tita on Skype! 

Day 4, Tuesday, April 30th:

Today I woke up and took ibuprofen one last time and then didn't need it the rest of the day!  Yay! You had your first doctor's appointment.  The main event was the bilirubin test.  It was NOT fun to hold you while it took 10 minutes and two pricks to get enough blood from your heel.  Dude, you've got a set of lungs on ya'! The results were high enough that we have to go back tomorrow, and if your bilirubin levels haven't lowered by then, we'll have to do phototherapy (a.k.a. baby tanning bed).  And if we have to do phototherapy, that may mean admitting you back to the hospital, due to limited bilirubin beds in Colorado Springs.  Let's not do that, okay?

Your brother adores you and asks to hold you often.  He's still sort of figuring out how.

Day 5, Wednesday, May 1st:

Food, fluids and weight gain are the best way to treat bilirubin, so I've been working really hard to feed you a lot since yesterday and it seems to be working!  You are back up to your birth weight of 7 lbs, 14 oz's - 2 oz more since just yesterday!  Your bilirubin level is down slightly, so we don't have to do phototherapy.  Yay!!

On the down side, since yesterday, the full force of the nursing challenges (a.k.a. engorgement and cramping in my back and limbs) have hit me, and I'm back on Ibuprofen.  Boo.

Day 6, Thursday, May 2nd:

It was a full day today...  a little more than what I could handle in fact.  Your brother, Grammy, you and I made our way to your brother's preschool to pick him up.  Danny was SO ecstatic to come greet you and show you off to his friends and teachers!  Boy, does that kid love you, baby.  After nursing you at preschool, we made our way to the chiropractor, for "Momma to get fixed."  Boy did THAT feel good!  Then we went to Chik-fil-A, where we enjoyed lunch and your brother got to play for a while while I nursed you in the car.  Lastly, we made a trip to the grocery store, where I survived my first shopping trip with two boys in the grocery cart.  By the time we got home, I was more than a little exhausted, but I sat down to nurse you once agian.

My big mommy accomplishment for the day was having nursed you on a two-hour schedule ALL DAY, almost to the minute. That, along with hot showers, and leaning against a heating pad while I nurse you are all helping to resolve those icky nursing challenges.  Phew! Oh, and guess what else I did today?  I crossed my legs. Yup.

And guess what!?  It was Grammy's birthday!!  It ended up being such a full day that after fish tacos for dinner, we all decided that the rest of the birthday festivities could be enjoyed tomorrow.

After we got home from all the outtings, I couldn't resist pulling out the camera and playing with your sweet squishy self and the sleep sack Diane made for you.  Too cute!!!

How we spent the evening: 

Day 7, Friday, May 3rd

Since last night we all opted for bed as soon as possible, this morning we decided to start he day off right, with a heart breakfast of...

...banana splits!  Man, your brother was overjoyed at the idea of ice cream for breakfast and a movie after lunch!

Today we kept up the 2 hour schedule, and you have transformed (literally overnight) into an easy baby.  I mean, you were pretty easy before, but Grammy's favorite quote from me today was, "Baby, if you're gonna always be this easy, I'm going to keep wanting more babies!"

I'm mostly off the Ibuprofen now.  Vitamins, bananas and tea are helping to control the cramping.  That, and I learned my lesson on not over-doing it yesterday.  Oh, and you let me sleep for 4 consecutive hours last night!! That's the most sleep I've had at one time in a week!

We ended the night by going to church and showing you off.  Danny wore his "big brother" t-shirt and showed it to all his friends. You were admired and celebrated by all. And then... home for more banana splits with chocolate cake.  Yumm!

Day 8, Saturday, May 4th:

Sometime in the middle of last night, you switched yourself from a 2 hour schedule to a three hour schedule.  I woke up in the morning and decided to keep that up and you've gone right along with it, offering little complaint.  We've had an easy day of hanging at home in our pajamas doing practically nothing.  Aaaah.... I love Saturdays.

I'm back off ibuprofen and have been for at least 24 hours.  A day or so ago I weighed 160 lbs.  Today I weigh 155 lbs.  My favorite moment of the day? While getting dressed, Papa said, "Wow, babe!!" in admiration of my incredible shrinking body.  My ankles are finally back to their pre-pregnancy size and my tummy is shrinking more each day.  I am loving the rewards of exercise, hard work and a commitment to natural care through this pregnancy.  I am so thankful to God for His favor in that matter!

Hey look!  After 8 whole days, I managed to catch you for one moment with your eyes open!  :) 

I love you, little monkey!