May 5, 2013

Gianni's First Day

Day 1, Saturday, April 27th:

Welcome to the world, little one!  Today you made your debut and you had your first day on the outside.

We spent most of the day sleeping.

And falling in love with you.

And sleeping.

And falling more in love with you.

There are few things that I love more, than watching your Papa fall 
in love with his sons. I can see it happen in his eyes and it wrecks me. 

Just after you were born, you met your big brother.  Danny didn't quite know what to do with you or what to think, and granted, it was a strange room with funky lights and a huge mechanical bed and it was 6 a.m.  Later today, after a good nap and some time with his Grandpa Shaun (who drove into town today), he was much more excited to see you.  He still wasn't excited about the strange moving bed that I was in, but he showed a little more interest in you.

You also met your Grammy and Grandpa today.  They're pretty stinking excited about you too.

Your big brother demonstrated how to wrestle with Grandpa. 

You impressed us all with an APGAR score of 8 or 9, which I'm told is like a 10, because (like in the Olympics) they don't give 10's.  You passed your hearing test with flying colors.  You were given 15 cycles to respond and you responded on the very first cycle!  You nursed 7 times today and gave us 6 opportunities to get used to changing diapers again.  Papa loves changing your diapers. ;-) 

You exercised your lungs. 

Oh, and know what else happened today!?  Today I closed my knees and I can see my toes!

And that was morning and evening the first day.  

And it was very good.