July 7, 2013

Taking A Break

Today is the second really good day in a row for me. This weekend we kept the schedule clear and dedicated it to conquering the weeds and landscaping our backyard. Being together with family, being out in the sun, and having a project to collaborate on is good for my soul. It's good for all of us. All the sun's vitamin D is great for battling depression.

I'm inside nursing Gianni at the moment. I think God created babies to eat every 3-4 hours just because mommies need a good excuse to sit and cuddle for a half hour. Now that I've finally figured out a good eating schedule for him (and man, it sure took long enough!) I'm really enjoying these times of sitting, rocking, relaxing, and watching him take his fill.

I'm praying y'all are having as peace-filled and joyous a weekend as I am.

With Love,

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