August 17, 2013

Denver Botanic Gardens

Last month, Charmian and I took the kids to the Denver Botanic Gardens while she was in the States.  It proved to be an absolutely perfect setting to photograph them and the flowers all day long.  Here are some of the shots that I got:

The kids ran barefoot in the grass, and Danny was stung by a bee, 
so Alessandra checked to see if he was okay.

And since that meant I had two kids who couldn't walk...

...I improvised.

August 8, 2013

Kids Getting Dirty

Summer isn't summer without camping.  At least in our family.

So at least once a year I have to post about cute kiddos getting dirty out in the great wide open. 


I absolutely adore getting out where it's quiet and enjoying His creation.

And eating my husband's out-door cooked meals. 

Gianni did just wonderfully.

The creatures never disappoint...

...the boys at least. 

The daddies took kids for a walk while the mommies stayed back and relaxed their sore Jazzercised muscles.  Oh and shame on me for not getting a picture of the mommies this time. 

Gianni worked on his smile. He was still just figuring it out.

Danny and his friend, Ben, found their way across the creek to play.  It was a little like Terabithia. 

We're pretty sure Danny and Addy have a crush on each other.