September 6, 2013


So I'm on my second full day of crutches, after having a bit of pre-cancerous skin removed from the bottom of my right foot.  My Mom (who is here acting as my hands and feet) says that day two of recovery is always the worst.  I think I might agree.  My foot doesn't really hurt too badly at all, but the rest of my body is achy and sore from the bench-press and ab crunch that I do each and every time I need to take a step anywhere and am using crutches instead.

The forced rest has been nice.  Asking for help 50 million times a day is awful.  I'm horrible at being helpless. The chance to blog more often is wonderful.  Being unable to carry my baby anywhere stinks.

The worst part?  You know when you first wake up in the early morning, before you're really awake, but when you know you have to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, lest you have an accident?  If not, you must not have turned 30 yet.  For the rest of you, imagine that moment when you sit up in bed and you're getting ready to stumble your way with your eyes half-closed to plop down on the toilet and do your thing.  Now imagine you have to ab-crunch and bench-press your way all the way to the bathroom.  Gooooooood morning!

The best part?  The killer abs and upper torso strength I'm going to have by the end of all this.

I'm going to find the silver lining if it kills me.