September 20, 2013


Today it's cool and overcast. It feels cozy in my heart. I want another chai tea latte. Cindy Jane and her daughter blessed my socks off for the past 24 hours. Gianni's so cute in his pajamas that I might not change him. Ever. Danny's super grown up & I miss him crawling into my lap, but I absolutely adore who he is becoming. Today I'm wearing tassels & croc snow boots with a skirt. Which means I'm either making my own style or I have none. You pick. T minus 10 days 'til my big Mary Kay blast off. Country is playing on my radio. Church tonight. T minus 11 days 'til my MIL visits for 3 weeks. Last day of the first week of preschool with no help in my home. I survived. At the beginning of the week I cried. By the end of the week, I wrote down the 500th gift since last year & can say I thrived. It's Fall. I am blessed. He is Good.