October 24, 2015

What we did last weekend...

Once upon a time, the Chinchilla Porras family bought a house. They dreamed of a home with a fireplace, green grass in the summer, snow in the winter, near mountains, near forest, and where they could raise their family. They bought their house in the dead of winter, and it had everything they wanted. Well, almost. There was some grass. But lots more weeds than grass. 

In the Spring, grass sprouted, and for a little while it was soft and green. 

But every year as Spring progressed, the weeds would grow.... 

...and well, they sort of took over. 

The Chinchilla Porras family cleared their yard and planted seeds several times. But to no avail. 

The weeds won every summer. 

Until one day, in the Fall of 2015, when the Chinchilla Porras family said, "enough is enough." They weeded. They raked. They cleared. They played in the dirt.  

He tilled. 

They watched movies. 

She watched him flex his muscles. 

Until finally, they were ready to lay down sod. 

And now.... 


...the Chinchilla Porras family has thick, green, carpet-like grass that you can roll in, walk barefoot in, lay in and run in. All summer long. (Well, next summer they'll be able to.) 

And they lived normally ever after. 

The End.